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 Betreff des Beitrags: AdminMod v2.50.61-beta6 Released!
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Changelog 2.50.61-beta6 - 19-Feb-2021:-
This kit also includes Metamod 1.21.1-am and LogD

Note: The newer Linux 2.50.61 build WON'T work on pre-2013 compiled HL1 GameMods
but the older 2.50.60 admin_mm_i386.so legacy build is included.

Updated by Sir Drinks A Lot, Black Knight, Cavey, alexavil and RoboCop

Before you report on any bugs, first here are the known bugs followed by the actual changelog.

plugin_cs appears to fail on restricting the Tactical Shield and the the Weapon Restrictions don't work for CZero nor CS 1.6
Using the 'admin_MM_i386.so' Linux 2.50.60 legacy version won't work for using Slay commands nor with the new LogD
plugin_vote appears to automatically aborts vote after vote is counted
plugin_blatt_map appears to not register the votes for CZero or CS 1.6 on some occasions
Cavey TK Menu for kick and ban option may need some fixes
plugin_dod for respawn_time doesn't work on Steam's DoD 1.3
Metamod v1.21-p37 Linux build appears to work best for this AdminMod package on CS 1.6
Typing "admin_help" in TFC appears to have a "tfc_adminpwd" issue.
Small compilers now recompiled by GCC 4.8 for Linux
Fixed the 'assert((sym->usage & (uDEFINE | uREAD))!=0);' for 3rd Party plugins from sc3.c src file along with newer includes
Dropped AMD64 support for allowing Small Compiler to prevent .amx64 plugins produced
Build recompiled and enhanced for newer Gamemods and SteamPipe
Both Linux and Win32 builds are recompiled using those compilers and SDKs
Visual Studio 2019 for Win32
GCC/G++ 8.3 for Linux
HLSDK 2.3p4
Metamod-P-37 SDK
Both MySQL, PostgreSQL and Linux AMD64 support dropped
Both Linux and Win32 builds are optimised for Pentium 4 SSE2
Fixed apsymbols.h for newer glibc
Fixed the '~CPlugin::' extra qualification error from CPlugin.h
All 1st/2nd Party HL1 Mods for Linux Servers no longer use *_i386 suffix binary names
Fixed Command "Kill" thanks to Warhead! viewtopic.php?p=63974#p63974
Fixed the UTIL_ClientPrintAll bug where the older script was commented out until Valve fixed the bot problem.
All builds for AdminMod, AScript AMX and LogD have been optimised and has reduced approximately 52% of its original size
Reduced redundant codes
Using newer C++14 Standards
added close_menu(UserIndex) //plugin_exec to all plugins which registercmd "close_menu"
added open_menu(UserIndex) //sets vaultnum menu_UserIndex 1
added reset_menu(UserIndex) //sets vaultnum menu_UserIndex 0
added check_menu_open(UserIndex) // checks for vaultnum menu_UserIndex.
added convert_string_all(HLCommand,HLData,HLUserName,Command[],Data[],User[])
added get_access(UserIndex)
added isip(IP[])
added issteamid(SteamID[])
added log_to_file(UserIndex,Command[],Data[],File[])
added numtoword(iNum,str[],iLength) and do_numtoword(iNum,str[],iLevel,iLength)
added sound_get_key(Player[])
added sound_set_key(Player[])
added sound_to_all(Data[],iTeam=0);
added strstrip(str[],chars)
added strsplitx(str[],separator,escape,...)
added strfilter(str[],allow[])
changed code of strbreak using strgsep
math.inc: (will be checked/revised by Felix. I hope soon...)
(in order of plugins which must be in plugin.ini, too!)

file_access_write 1 must be set in adminmod.cfg
plugin can be activated/deactivated by command: admin_log <on/off>:
creates 5 different log files in addons/adminmod/config:
log_say.txt: logs all say messages
log_retribution.txt: logs retribution commands like:
log_admin.txt: logs all admin commands with accesslevel > 0
log_banned.txt: logs all data which comes from admin_ban, admin_banip, admin_unban
log_antiflood.txt: logs all data which comes from plugin_antiflood
other plugins can use log_to_file(UserIndex,Command[],Data[],File[]) (adminlib.inc) to send data which
shall be logged.
amv_enable_beta "menu1"

file_access_read 1

file_access_write 1

commands which shall be executed must be set in addons/adminmod/config/ammenu

In these cfg files, admin_commands of all plugins can be added.
In addons/adminmod/config/ammenu/map.cfg all maps must be added which shall be used by mapcommands.

Every admin can create his own menu which is stored by STEAM_ID_x_x_xxxxx in addons/adminmod/config/ammenu

Admins with ACCESS_RCON can add/edit or delete commands over this menu directly

Last executed command is stored and can be easily executed again in mainmenu.

Structure of menu:

Playercommands (of playercommands.cfg)
Player (available on server)
Mapcommands (of mapcommands.cfg)
Map (of maps.cfg)
Servercommands (of servercommands.cfg)
Votecommands (of votecommands.cfg)
Othercommands (of othercommands.cfg)
Stored commands (of STEAM_x_x_xxxxx.cfg)
Last used command
In Executemenu, admin can decide if he executes command, adds some parameters in chat, adds this command with data
to his OWN MENU or (if admin has ACCESS_RCON) he can delete this command in .cfg file

This menu plugin sends to all other plugins close_menu(UserIndex) if HL integrated menues are opened
by user. All other plugins, where the adminmod menu function is used, can use
plugin_registercmd("close_menu",Function_in_plugin,ACCESS_ALL) in plugin_init() to get this information and can react on it.
So it is not neccessary anymore, to declare all HL-integrated menues functions in each plugin.(like buy, buyequip, radio1, etc.)
The plugins itself can also send a close_menu(UserIndex) when their own menu gets called.
close_menu(UserIndex) is set in adminlib.inc and sends the sUserIndex as Data with plugin_exec
to registered function "close_menu".

added plugin_info protecting flood of changing nickname
changed Command[] to MAX_DATA_LENGTH in plugin_command function
added function log_to_file in log_antiflood.log (needs plugin_log)
added helper function convert_string_all
added helper function execute_cmd
added reason to admin_ban. admin_ban <[minutes]> <[reason]>
added in admin_ban and admin_unban: function log_in_file(UserIndex,Command,Data,"addons/adminmod/config/log_banned.txt"),
if a player is successfully banned.
added new function admin_timeban (bans player for 30 minutes)
added new function admin_map_exec to change methode of changing map (changelevel or exec(changelevel...))
added default_map.cfg in plugin_init which is loaded before map.cfg
changed accesslevel of admin_userlist to ACCESS_TIMELIMIT (=2)
changed admin_map to check map with valid_mapex
moved exec commands from plugin_retribution to plugin_base
moved all say commands to plugin_message
moved all vote commands to plugin_vote
added helper function convert_string_all
added helper function convert_string_all
added more glow colors and a 'glow help' say command for list
added helper function convert_string_all
moved all say commands of plugin_base to plugin_message
different messages can be set up in addons/adminmod/config/admin_motd.txt, which are displayed
randomly in admin_repeat_freq. If admin_motd.txt does not exist or is empty, admin_repeat_msg
is used.
added function admin_set_timeleft to enable/disable say "timeleft"
added function admin_set_nextmap to enable/disable say "nextmap"
changed accesslevel of admin_messagemode to ACCESS_CHAT
added helper function convert_string_all
put all execclient to plugin base
changed code (removed native censor_words()) of handle_say to avoid amx10 error till fixed in .dll/.so
all players can say ".stop" / ".stopsound" or ".play" / ".playsound". This option sets a setinfo "am_sound" "1" or "0"
in config.cfg. This can be used by other plugins to give player an option if he wants to hear customsounds
or he doesn't want to.
menu message is displayed when player enters server, that he has enabled/disabled customsounds and how to change it.
3 commands available: admin_speak, admin_speakall, admin_speakteam
all vote commands moved from plugin_base to plugin_vote
added admin_vote_maps (starting a multi-map-vote)
amv_enable_beta "menu1"
file_access_read 1
map names are loaded from addons/adminmod/config/map_vote.ini and are displayed in menu
players can open menu using "votemaps" in chat to make their vote or to change their vote
after x seconds, winning result appears. (x is set by admin_vote_time. Default: 30s)
added admin_vote_time : set vote time. Default 30s
added admin_vote_read (ACCESS_CONFIG) to load another mapfile then map_vote.ini

added helper function convert_string_all
added in admin_restart / restartround
added a strtrim "." at the end of Data in function SetRestrictions, which is loaded from a map.cfg
added strstripqoutes to admin_ct, admin_t
added plugin_registercmd("close_menu","ClearMenu",ACCESS_ALL);
changed admin_restrict player to use " not ', if playername has spaces.
changed function SetRestrictions: delete map and delete default should work now
changed admin_ct/admin_t "chooseteam" to jointeam 1 / jointeam 2
added convert_string_all(HLCommand,HLData,HLUserName,Command,Data,User)
added admin Dispenser and Sentry unblocker from plugin_unblock
//MAP VOTE PLUGINS using admin_vote_autostart

replaced trim code for denymap with strtrim
same commands like in plugin_hldsld_mapvote but:
players make !nominations! for max. 8 maps in chat by saying "de_dust" or "extend" and after nomination time,
nominated maps are displayed in menu to vote for.
say 'mapname' or 'extend' to make nomination
say 'showmaps' to open menu (again) to make a vote/change your vote
nomination time is set to 90 seconds
hint message, that nomination has begun appears every 30 seconds
every player can make more than one map nomination
time for menu vote is set to 30 seconds.

https://github.com/APGRoboCop/halflifea ... 0.61-beta6

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